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Better Business Results Through Personal Leadership

In business, it used to be Ready, Aim, Fire. Then it became Ready, Fire, Aim. Now it’s just FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. Life is fast for today’s leaders. Sixteen-hours days, lightning-speed change, and a laser focus on results prevent leaders from focusing on themselves. It’s exhausting. It’s dangerous. It’s counterproductive. It also taxes the talents and engagement of the leaders, who simply cannot keep up. As the business world moves faster and faster, leaders must abandon old models that hasten them to frantically keep up in favor of more powerful paradigms that more wisely leverage their talent, teams and time.

We need a better way. Leaders can improve the situation, as well as their results, by investing in their own possibilities – transforming their business by transforming themselves.

Machine Gun Leadership

Life is fast for today’s leaders. It’s fast for everyone. But the problems with moving too fast are profound.

First of all, it’s exhausting. To be constantly “on” all the time, making decisions on a dime, flying all over the world, keeping up with technology – it takes its toll.

Secondly, it’s dangerous. Every day, leaders make decisions that affect thousands of lives; to be blindly firing away means they aren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions on other people, their companies, or the world in which they live.

Third, it doesn’t leave much time for renewal. Leaders are the very source of their leadership. As obvious as that may sound, it’s the opposite of most leaders’ reality. The effects of working too hard, working too much, and skimming the surface of life can be quite damaging, from suffering relationships to declining health to a lack of connection with their work, their purpose, and their sense of meaning. That sense of meaning is no small factor; it’s what keeps leaders in the game.

But perhaps the most ironic problem with machine-gun leadership is that it’s bad for business

A Better Way of Leading

In a world of constant, dizzying change, leaders can’t possibly keep up by doing more and more, faster and faster. If we want to transform the way we lead, the way we do business, and the way we live to be more effective and more sustainable, we need to change the model. We need a whole new paradigm – a paradigm powered by potential and personal brilliance. That paradigm is personal leadership.

Personal leadership is the ability to tap into your rich stores of potential and bring out the very best in yourself toward the attainment of your personal and professional goals. It’s the ability to apply all of the concepts of great leadership – visioning, goal-setting, strategizing and achievement – to yourself as well as your work. It’s a process of reflection as well as action. It’s a commitment to aligning purpose and progress. It’s a way of integrating personal needs and professional results, personal life and professional livelihood, personal goals and professional targets. Personal leadership is so important that renowned management expert Peter Drucker called it “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st Century.”

Now and in the years to come, successful leaders will be the ones who practice personal leadership. They will be the ones who can bringwho they are to what they do, harnessing their personal power and applying it in the most efficient, elegant ways. They will be the ones who use every ounce of their potential with inspiration instead of perspiration, synergy instead of sacrifice, and wisdom instead of work. They will be the ones who commit themselves now to understanding what personal leadership really is.

Do You Hate Cold Calling Prospects? The Secret Method That Will Give You Better Business Results

If you have been involved in a network marketing business before or are currently in one I’m sure you have done cold calling to your prospects. This is one of the oldest techniques in network marketing and it was very effective in the past for those people who have thick skin and could handle rejection. To be honest with you this technique has become very ineffective and very annoying as well. There’s actually a better way of promoting your business in order to get better results that does not require you to call random people who will probably just hang up on you.

The alternative secret method that you can utilize to promote your business is a promotional method known as article marketing. This is a method done on the Internet and what it requires you to do is simply write articles based on keywords that people search on a regular basis. Since you will be writing the articles you’re going to be writing about what your business has to offer and this is going to allow you to get that article in front of people who are really interested.

If they want to sign up all they have to do is click your link and get started. If they don’t want to sign up they simply go away from your website and do not reject you face-to-face or on the phone. This is the best thing about marketing on the Internet and using the specific method known as article marketing.

Since you are not used to the online world and how things work is going to take some time for you to understand and learn all you need to learn in order to make it work properly. But if you’re willing to do what it takes you will be able to see results eventually that will blow your mind and test your imagination.