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Business Coach – How to Become a Better Business Coach

Based on research and relevant studies, the number of people who are trying to build and run their own business has tripled in the last couple of years. This is the main reason why business coaches cannot be more in-demand these days.

As a business coach, you need to know how to position yourself as someone who is way better compare to your competitors so you can easily win the trust and later on, the business of your prospects. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Listen carefully and understand the needs and demands of your clients first. Before you offer your expert advice, I recommend that you have one-on-one meeting with your clients first to get an in-depth look on the problem. You can spend as little as one hour or as much as one day to discuss the issue/s in detail. As a coach, it is very important that you have a clear picture of what you need to work on so you can offer the most appropriate advice and recommendations.

2. Probe. To get a clearer picture, ask the most appropriate questions that will allow you to learn the details of the problem or the issue. Avoid using close-ended questions so you can get your clients to speak up. If needed, request for relevant documents or talk to department heads to see all the angles of the story.

3. Create an action plan. Talk to your clients regarding the problems and present an action plan that they can easily follow to achieve their pre-set goals. If the issue is complicated, you can offer plan A and plan B to give your clients a choice. Explain to these people how these plans can take them to where they would like to be.

4. Solicit for feedback. Your job isn’t done once you have offer a plan of actions to your clients. You will need to contact these people at least after a couple of weeks to see if what you have recommended worked for them. You will need to offer more assistance and more information depending on the outcome.

5. Thank your clients and ask for repeat business. After the transaction has been completed, make sure that you thank your clients for the business they have given you. You can send them flowers or thank you note to make them feel valued. This is very important in promoting repeat business.

Wedding Photography Tips For Building A Better Business

When it comes to building a wedding photography business it’s all about professionalism. From generating the lead to delivering the finished wedding album, running a wedding photography business means you need to understand what it means to run a professional business.

Anyone can walk into a wedding with a digital camera and snap a bunch of pictures. But your clients are paying you good money to get the best pictures. They’re also paying you to do it in a professional manner.

Being a professional means you’re prepared for any contingency. You’ve visited the venue before the wedding and you know where and how you’re going to position people to get the best portraits. It means you’ve visited the site of the reception and done the same thing. You’ve talked to the bride, the caterer, the baker and the limo driver and you know exactly what time everything is going to happen.

It means you have a checklist of all the shots you want to get and all the shots the bride wants. And it means you’re going to do whatever it takes to get all those shots – without disrupting the wedding. In fact, if you’re really professional, the bride and groom will hardly know you’re there.

Wedding photography can be stressful and it’s easy to lose control of the situation. If you’re prepared for any emergency, though, most weddings will come off without a hitch. And handling a wedding in a calm, professional manner makes it look like you really know what you’re doing. You’re in control. It’s good for business. You’ll get a lot more referrals when things go smoothly.

Now, to make your business even stronger, you need to know your competition. A professional business person doesn’t enter a market without knowing who his competitors are and what they’re offering. It doesn’t make sense to put together a wedding package at one price if your competitors are all offering a bigger package at a lower price.

Ask around about your competition. Try to see samples of their work. Get copies of their brochures to see what kind of prices they’re offering. And then, don’t try to meet or beat those prices. Try to offer a better service or product. Trying to compete on price just erodes your marketplace and eventually nobody is making any money. And you’ll be able to command higher prices for your work if you’re delivering a better product than your competitors.

In the end, the basic wedding photography tips for building a stronger business are the same as they are for any business: Know what your target audience wants and know what you need to do to compete for the business. Once you’ve got all that information you can put together your own competitive package and start raking in your share of the business.